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Start processes from C# in DotNet Core

Start processes from C# in DotNet Core Being able to run batch during the lifecycle of an application is always useful. It gives a way to programmatically interact with any programs which implements a CLI. Today we will see how we can start processes from C# on .NET Core applications and how it can be useful in a real scenario 1. Unzip from CLI 2. Use CLI from C# 1. Unzip from CLI In this tutorial we will use a process to execute a 7zip command to extract files into a particular input. If we have 7zip installed and added to PATH, using a terminal, we should able to execute the following from the folder containing the archive: 7z x .\\ -o.\\archive x stands for extract and -o stands for output directory. The result of this command should be the list of files in extract unzipped into the archive folder. There are times where it comes handy to zip and unzip as part of an application lifecycle, for example to allow a user to download multiple files from our server, we

DotNet Framework, Standard, Core and ASP Net Core

DotNet Framework Standard Core and ASP Net Core Lot of things have changed from the past few years in the DotNet ecosystem. In many occasions, I have seen people get confused with the differences between DotNet Core, DotNet Standard and DotNet Framework and how do they all relate to ASP Net Core. I don’t blame them, so many new keywords that it is quite confusing to first look at. Today, I would like to explain the differences in term of project templates. What is the difference between DotNet Standard library or DotNet Core library, what is the difference between DotNet Core application or DotNet Framework application, etc… This post will contain 5 points: 1. DotNet Framework 2. DotNet Standard 3. DotNet Core 4. How to choose 5. ASP.Net Core 1. DotNet Framework Everything started from DotNet framework. We would build libraries, console app and web application using ASP.Net MVC on top of DotNet Framework. DotNet framework provides a set of API available for application to use

The Steps Toward Leadership

The Steps Toward Leadership As a Software Engineer, I have gone through many managements, different countries, different companies, different projects which all left me with a bitter taste. After years of reflection, I realized that half of the feeling came from my inexperience while the other half was meant to be fulfilled by the management under which I was working. This management was meant to provide me, a Software Engineer, the direction, vision and ideology to carry on my work. Management composed of line managers, higher management, directors and company, I expected them to lead me to success. It is incredibly hard to find the right way to get a Software Engineering team to work well. Most of the challenges aren’t well understood by those coming from different backgrounds. Not that it is harder or easier, it is just different. Tasks aren’t easily measured, it is hard to make KPI, goals aren’t easily defined and set, and many more issues. We have seen that giving management re

Setup environments for your AspNetCore backend and Angular frontend

Setup environments for your AspNetCore backend and Angular frontend Last week we saw how we could use angular cli and dotnet cli to pack and publish our application with simple commands. The application had no settings therefore there wasn’t a need to differentiate multiple deployments. But if we do need different settings, how should we handle it? Today I will amswer this question by explaining how we can setup targets and environments for our application. This post will be composed by three parts: 1. What is the difference between a target and an environment 2. Setup target and nvironment settings for AspNetCore app 3. Setup target and environment settings for Angular CLI 1. What is the difference between a target and an environment A target refers to a target build. A target build is a set of configurations used to build the application. For development, the optimization is usually disabled as build time is more important than the optimization of code for example which would sl